Diagnosis Story 7: Stumbling into diagnosis

Today’s diagnosis story comes straight from the dark recesses of the internet. The Author has requested to remain anonymous due to the legitimate fear of damage to professional reputation working in the mental health field. Unfortunately, this is a story I’ve heard often. Anecdotally, it seems the types of jobs where it is LEAST safe to disclose are those of health professionals.

“It helped me realize I am not alone.”

Anonymous Diagnosis Story:

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Diagnosis Story 4: It was worth it in the end

Today’s story comes from Daniel in Norway. His special interests include YouTube, Pokémon and video editing, so of course he started his own YouTube channel and has now made over 850 Pokémon themed videos!

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Daniel’s Diagnosis Story:

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Diagnosis Story 3: I always felt there was more to it

Today’s guest diagnosis story comes from 26 year old Maggie.

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“While the 10 or so different diagnoses I’ve received over the years have indeed been mostly valid and descriptive of what I was experiencing at the time, I always felt that there was more to it. More than being mostly introverted. More than being anxious. More than being highly sensitive.” Continue reading

What is Aspergers?



Aspergers is essentially an unusual brain configuration. Senses, thoughts and emotions seem to be connected in a different way, resulting in many atypical traits. Whether this means a person is blessed by amazing talents, or cursed by frustrating difficulties, one thing remains true… Aspergers makes it hard to be ‘normal’. Continue reading

What Aspergers Means To Me

Reblogging my very first thoughts on Aspergers…

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This post is intended as a VERY brief explanation for those who have just heard the news that I have Aspergers. Basically, about a month ago I read a book called “Look Me in the Eye: My Life with Asperger’s”. Identifying with many of the experiences of the main character I was moved to research the condition online and it was such a perfect match that I diagnosed myself on the spot, attended an Aspergers Victoria support group meeting the next day, and haven’t looked back since!

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