Diagnosis Story 2: Awfully Awakened: And so, I’m on the Autism Spectrum

Today’s diagnosis story comes from Atomic Blondie, an X-files nerd, retro fashion fan, and enthusiastic gym goer from the U.S. who grew up with Autism, but without knowing it. How did she come to discover the Autism Spectrum?
You can read her story here:

Awfully Awkward

And so, I exhaled, “I’m Autistic”.

No, I didn’t say it. I exhaled it–a deep breath drawn in more than 30 years ago.  That which I had unknowingly taken in and hidden within me for decades, I was finally now free to release. Once an unwilling master of concealment, I may now become a truth–an imperfect, broken truth, but a truth nevertheless. A broken thing becoming a something.

I’ve always been Autistic; I just didn’t know it—clinically, medically—until very recently. What I did know about myself from a very early age was that my elementary school peers dismissed me as “socially retarded”, “weird”, “awkward”, “rude”, “crazy” and just about any other unkind term their minds could concoct or distort. I dreamed, though, of hearing only one word uttered in my general direction: my name. I just wished to have someone call me by my actual name.

While my peers engaged…

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