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Upcoming 4-Week (Intensive) Online
Emotional Intelligence Course
(Starts 12th January, 2020)

Note: The 12 week course follows the same format and structure as the 4-week intensive outlined in the video above. The only difference is that we spend an entire week on each lesson (instead of covering three lessons per week as in the 4-week intensive).

Emotional Intelligence helps with relationships, communication, performance, and motivation. Once we have the ability to make others around us feel good, then we can start building the kind of relationships that allow for an increased level of communication and understanding.

The structure of the course focuses on the four quadrants of Emotional Intelligence with each week building on the skills learned in the previous week. Each week you will receive three self-paced lessons in your choice of pdf, or video format, delivered direct to your email inbox. Each lesson also contains activities for you to practice your skills and a list of additional resources for further study (e.g. books, online articles, TED talks).

Getting started is easy! Simply click the link below to learn more!

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