Overcoming Social Anxiety: Projecting an Image



It’s been a BIG week, but I’ve finally written this last post on how my dreadlocks helped me socially.

As I wrote about in my previous posts I used my dreadlocks to better control the assumptions Continue reading


What Aspergers Means To Me

Reblogging my very first thoughts on Aspergers…

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This post is intended as a VERY brief explanation for those who have just heard the news that I have Aspergers. Basically, about a month ago I read a book called “Look Me in the Eye: My Life with Asperger’s”. Identifying with many of the experiences of the main character I was moved to research the condition online and it was such a perfect match that I diagnosed myself on the spot, attended an Aspergers Victoria support group meeting the next day, and haven’t looked back since!

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