What does cutting my dreadlocks have to do with Aspergers?



What does cutting my dreadlocks have to do with Aspergers? The answer goes to the heart of my most successful coping strategy.

In this video I’ve tried to explain at least a little of how important my dreadlocks have been to me over the last 15 years.

When I talk about ‘invisible’ coping strategies, do not be fooled into thinking they cannot be seen. They are simply not ‘noticed’.

Sometimes the most obvious things are the least visible. The overtness of my dreadlocks actually makes for the perfect disguise….

People very often see my hair before they see anything else.

This mask has been very helpful and incredibly effective but if I’m ever going to feel accepted for me I need to leave it behind…


4 thoughts on “What does cutting my dreadlocks have to do with Aspergers?

  1. I definitely understand the idea of leaving something behind in order to move forward with your life in a new way. I’m doing that right now with a job that totally fits me teaching piano lessons, but also won’t sustain my life with the amount of income I need to survive as an independent adult at the age of 28. I’m starting my first local but corporate internet networking job as a tech support agent and I am nervous as all get out to do it but my parents can’t support me anymore so I have to leave behind that support to support myself and it’s a very intentional thing I chose to do after my mom and I talked privately. SO it seems you are doing well, I’m assuming this was a post from a very long time ago. I hope you are keeping on. Freelancing is a hard road.

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  2. I get the security of the dreadlocks. I will say this, only my opinion, it’s great you were able to get rid of them from besides the personal growth standpoint, they just didn’t flatter you at all. You look so much better now!
    Laurie Chartier Sept. 17, 2019


  3. I like your dreadlocks. They are part of your identity. Don’t disown part of yourself. Rejoice that you have Asperger’s. It makes you special. Different. In a positive way if you are able to see that not a negative. Where are you from? Which country? Pam 70 from Australia.

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