May Share Your Story Guest-Paul M. Of Aspergers From The Inside.

So I’ve been a bit quiet recently, but hopefully will get back in to writing more in the coming weeks.
In the mean time, here is an article I wrote recently as a guest piece entitled

Autism Mommy Avenger

This month’s guest story is from Paul M. He writes a blog called Asperger’s From The Inside, where he talks about his life and experiences. You can check out his blog here. Paul shares with us a little about life since he was diagnosed and about his involvement in this amazing program called the I Can Network, read all about the wonderful things the I Can Network does for kids on the spectrum, here. You can also view a wonderful video that he did to answer the question, what is Aspergers? View it on his Youtube here.   Thanks so much Paul for sharing with me and all my readers!

maystoryA good kind of different…

By all accounts 31 is an amazing age. When I turned 31 some months ago a lot of people predicted, quite accurately in hindsight, that it would be a really good year for me. It…

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