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It’s official. Dreadlocks are coming off by the end of June!!

Mixed emotions about finally having a firm date. Having a concrete date makes everything twice as exciting AND twice as terrifying at the same time! In some ways it’s really good because I don’t need to ‘worry’ about endless possibilities, but on the other hand, now it’s real and it’s becoming harder and harder to convince my brain not to think about it.

So. I have 6 weeks from today and a LONG way to go before then!

It may be apparent that telling all of you is my way of ensuring I don’t chicken out! This is more significant than you may realise at first . I can’t do this without your help. I don’t need much, but I can’t do it alone. I can rationally talk about this stuff now, but when my brain figures out that I’m actually serious about this, it’s going to freak out a little bit… (did I tell you about my tendency to occasionally understate things just a little?) I’m not really sure when that day will come, but when it does, I’m going to need every reason under the sun to force me to go through with it! To my detriment I can actually be quite intelligent at times, which means that if there is even the smallest loophole or excuse for how I can get out of this, I am likely to find it. This is war against anxiety. I’m not underestimating the enemy and I’m not taking any chances. Failure is not an option!

Hopefully you can see how a good support network is invaluable, but not everyone is so lucky. That’s why I’m also using this opportunity to raise money and awareness for the everyday challenges of autism and the work of the I Can Network giving kids the support and confidence to tackle their own challenges.

We’re working on a campaign page that should be up and running soon so stay tuned for that! On it I’ll be sharing pics and random little stories, reliving the last 15 years in preparation for the end…

If you want to support me during the final 6 week chapter of my epic 15 year journey, please follow this blog and/or subscribe to my YouTube channel.





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