Diagnosis Story 15: I did not see this one coming

This week’s diagnosis story comes from Eitan in New York. He introduces himself here:

I’m a middle aged man and father of two that has done so many different things it feels like they could span a few lifetimes. I have a degree in math/computer science but I am currently self-employed as a voice teacher/vocal coach. I have found tremendous support within the autistic community online, but I’ve also read and heard many negative stories of adults seeking diagnosis, in large part due to inexperience from professionals with adult diagnosis, amongst other concerns, that it made me second guess whether official dx was worth pursuing. I have decided to move forward with it, because even though I’m considered successful professionally, and for better or worse, I am good at masking, I continue to struggle greatly with some common issues like anxiety, and most of all, executive functioning, the bane of my existence.

On the Spectrum.today

When the Other Shoe Dropped

Some time ago I suggested to my wife to start a blog on the challenges of Autism Spectrum Disorders, mostly from the perspective of parents of a child in the spectrum. That’s how I ended up getting this blog set up and my wife wrote a few brief entries. I figured I would throw in my “two cents” here and there at some point. As many of you know all too well, autism presents itself in rather unique ways in every individual case. Each autistic person has his/her own brand of autism, so to speak. And to this day, even professionals are trying to come to terms with this fact, making access to services and advocacy for some kids like our daughter much harder than it should. Unknown to me, things were going to become more personal, a lot more.

Raising my daughter brought forth…

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