Shave Update – One Week Later



What’s life like post dreds? It’s cold. Very cold. I’ve taken to sleeping in a hoodie, and occasionally a beanie. This might sound like a superficial answer given the enormity of last week, but it’s actually the most significant daily reality I’ve had to come to terms with.

Overall it’s actually been quite a relaxing week. There was such a build up before the chop. Now that it’s done if feel like all the pressure is off… People keep asking me “how does it feel?” and “do you think you’ll grow them back?” I can honestly say it is far too early to answer either of these two questions! By far the biggest emotion is relief that I don’t need to think about it anymore. I haven’t really had time to process any more than that. It’s hardly a priority to think about what hair style I may or may not have in the future? “Ask me in 6 months time” I tell people.

On a serious note, I’ve found that the best way to deal with emotions is to let them pass. Sure, LAST WEEK I was stressed and anxious, but this week I’m not. Maybe NEXT WEEK I’ll be hit by a sudden wave of grief and depression, but at the moment, I’m fine.

My cure for anxiety is to focus on the present moment. If I were to spend my time (and energy!) worrying about what hair style I might have in 6 months time, I probably would get stressed out… so I’m not, and I have no desire to. Right now, my most present reality is that winter is really taking a grip, and I’ve just lost a significant amount of insulation around one of my most vital organs…

Note: My head shave was in support of AWEgust for AWEtism a month long fundraising campaign aimed at raising awareness of the everyday challenges of autism and helping to empower young people on the spectrum to say ‘I Can’ to life’s opportunities. For more info or to make a donation visit:


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